Tips to Maintain Your Wooden Furniture in Pristine Condition


​A furniture piece becomes a part of your home and family with time. You may have furniture that is antique or considered an heirloom. Over time, the wooden furniture piece loses its shine and functionality due to daily usage. What to do to keep the wooden furniture in top condition? Consider professional furniture repair services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, or Gilbert to get the best solutions!

Here are a few tips to properly maintain your wooden furniture as long as possible.

Follow the Instructions
Furniture comes with a set of instructions from the manufacturer! Make sure to keep the instructions to maintain the wooden furniture intact.

Follow instructions to handle, care for, and clean the wooden furniture! It limits the wear and tear of the wooden furniture piece.

Clean Correctly the Furniture
Cleaning your wooden furniture is essential! It keeps away the dust particles and dirt settling on the wooden furniture piece. If dirt or dust accumulates over the surface of the wooden furniture piece, it damages the topmost layer and the natural luster. Keeping your furniture clean ensures a hygienic environment. Use a clean and soft cloth to dust off your wooden furniture!

Be Careful with Your Wooden Furniture
Never take your wooden furniture for granted! Be careful when placing any object over the furniture piece.

Place a tablecloth as a safety patch over the wooden furniture! It keeps the wooden surface safe when placing sharp objects, glass, or coffee mugs on the furniture. Using a table cloth or cover over the furniture reduces wear and tear or stain marks.

Avoid placing anything that may harm or damage the topmost layer of your wooden furniture.

Protect Your Wooden Furniture
Do you know natural factors can damage your wooden furniture? Rain and sunlight may damage the wooden furniture piece. Keep the wooden furniture away from direct sunlight, vents, fireplaces, and rain! Heat, light, and water can affect the wooden furniture’s life expectancy!

Maintain Your Wooden Furniture
Over time the wooden furniture develops an unpleasant smell or loses shine. Professional re-polishing or painting maintains the wooden furniture piece in the best condition.

It adds life and increases the furniture’s value. Re-polishing or painting adds a layer of protection to the wooden furniture piece.

Opt for Professional Furniture Repair Service and Restoration!

When you notice some damage to your wooden furniture that may affect functionality, consider professional furniture repair.

Furniture repair restores a furniture piece to make it look as good as new without losing its authenticity.

Professional furniture repair and restoration helps you save time and money to keep your heirloom or antique in the best shape.

If you are looking for furniture repair in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, or Gilbert, contact Better Than New! We value your furniture and understand its value in your life. Our experts provide professional furniture repair, refinishing, and restoration services to infuse life into your furniture.

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