BTN’s Furniture Refinishing Service in Peoria


Reliable Furniture Refinishing Peoria

Refinishing furniture sometimes seems so challenging that people often just throw their valuable old pieces away. However, underneath that old paint, finish, and dirt isprecious treasures waiting to be unearthed. BTN’s furniture refinishing in Peoria will bring your old furniture back to life through our unique processes that restore wood furniture to its former glory.

You can preserve the original finish or start over with a new finish that suits your modern sensibility. With years of experience in furniture refinishing service in Peoria, you can rest assured that we will make your refinished wood furniture even better than the original pieces.

Professional Furniture Refinishing Service in Peoria

You will find plenty of DIY sites that explain how to refinish your old wood furniture. While this may be effective for small projects, the experienced team at BTN has the expertise and tools to completely restore almost any piece to its original glory. If you have a valuable antique that you do not want to damage, you will want to ensure your piece’s safety by trusting the experts at BTN Furniture Repair. We have the process and expertise to make sure your valuable furniture pieces are restored correctly and beautifully.

How you can benefit from furniture refinishing Peoria?

• Protect the wood with refinishing that eventually gets dull and stained.

• Revitalize old, worn furniture.

• Restyle furniture pieces matchingexisting home décor.

• Extend the life of existing furniture.

• Benefit the environment by contributing less to climate change, landfills, and deforestation

Furniture Repair and Restoration

Furniture restoration is a light cleaning of the furniture and can involve simple cosmetic repairs that do not fade away the furniture’s appearance and value. Antique restoration work is done that includes regluing, buffing, touch up waxing, and cosmetic repair.

Professional Furniture Refinishing Service Peoria

Furniture refinishing involves stripping your furniture of its initial finish, then sealing it with a selected choice of sheen and restoring its appearance and style. Our wide array of restoration and repair options for soiled and damaged furniture to achieve a pre-loss condition.

Our professional refinishing services include decorative finishes, custom finishes, French polishing, glazing, spray finishes, touch-ups, color matching, and wood-tone finishes among others.

Whether it’s commonplace furniture or an antique piece, we have years of experience in all types of furniture refinishing. We use the finest materials and advanced techniques to make sure you get an exceptional refinishing job. We will make your furnishing look brand new by retaining and enhancing the original beauty of the furniture.

So, call us right now if you are looking for professional furniture refinishing in Peoria, Glendale, Surprise, Tempe, Valley, and Mesa.

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