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Whether you’re looking for a minor touch-up or a full restoration, Better Than New Fine Furniture Repair provides high-quality furniture restoration services to customers around the Valley of the Sun, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Our team of experienced craftspeople specializes in breathing new life into your old, worn-out, and damaged furniture. Utilizing a harmonious blend of old-world techniques, innovative products, and refined processes, we have developed our own unique methods that ensure exceptional results. Whether it’s a family heirloom, a precious antique, or just a piece of furniture that you love, we can help restore it to its original beauty or give it an entirely new look.

Furniture restoration in Tempe, AZ
Furniture Restoration

Better Than New can restore antique or damaged furniture by refinishing, repairing, and rebuilding the frame, surface, walls, legs, arms or seats, including replacing missing pieces and crafting decorative scrolls and ornaments.

Better Than New can repair structural damage like broken or wobbly chairs
Structural Repair

Fix that creaking and wobbly dining chair. Better Than New will repair all structural issues including loose or broken wood legs, frames, shelves, drawers, and much more to restore the furniture’s structure.

Better Than New offers table top and surface refinishing
Surface Repair

Better Than New can repair scratches, dents, gouges, water damage, and stains often found on tabletops and other furniture surfaces.

Better Than New offers complete furniture refinishing services

Better Than New offers complete furniture refinishing using proprietary techniques and custom finishes. Restore your furniture’s original shine and luster, or renew your furniture with a color change including faux and painted finishes.

Better Than New offers high quality antique restoration
Antique Restoration

Better Than New can restore valuable and historic pieces by repairing, refinishing, and rebuilding the furniture’s original design.

Better Than New can color match for seamless repairs and restorations
Expert Color Matching

Better Than New can custom match the color of new repairs or replacements to the original furniture finish to create a seamless look.

Refinished and custom painted coffee table orange with cream flower stencils
Custom Modifications

Better Than New is capable of making custom modifications to your furniture based on your specific preferences. This can include a variety of design element modifications such as cutting down legs, adding or removing shelves, as well as color, finish, and sheen alterations, and much more.

Better Than New can provide repair estimates for insurance damage claims
Moving Damage & Insurance Claims

Most of the insurance claim calls we receive are due to moving-related incidents. Although we don’t directly work with insurance companies, we are dedicated to supporting our clients by offering photo documentation and accurate repair estimates.

Kindly be advised that Better Than New services exclude reupholstery, leather, and recliner repairs.

Transform your old and worn-out furniture into beautiful pieces that you’ll love with Better Than New Fine Furniture Repair. Get a quote today and experience the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that we bring to every project.

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