5 Furniture Refinishing Tips from Experts

Wooden furniture refinishing requires attention to detail to achieve the best results. Refinishing furniture helps transform the old one. It gives the old wooden furniture a new life. If you want to revive older wooden furniture, get started with some helpful refinishing tips from the experts.
1. Clean the Wooden Furniture
There can be dust, grime, and dirt built up on your older piece of wooden furniture. Cleaning the furniture piece is the first thing to do when getting started with furniture refinishing. Use a cloth rag, warm water, and dish soap to clean the wooden furniture.
  • Scrub the surface evenly
  • Rinse off the soap residue
  • Dry the furniture using a towel
Avoid using paper towels to dry the wooden furniture. Paper towels may leave behind paper remnants.
2. Strip the Wooden Surface
If you want to remove the stain, existing paint, or finish of the furniture piece, consider stripping the surface. Apply a chemical stripper to the wooden surface.
Wear protective eyewear and rubber gloves, and choose a well-ventilated area to apply the chemical stripper. Allow the stripper to sit for about twenty minutes on the furniture.
  • If the stripping liquid requires cleaning, wash it off after 20 minutes.
  • If the stripping liquid requires no cleaning, move to the sanding process.
3. Sand down the Furniture Piece
Sanding the furniture ensures the new paint or stain is spread evenly. Use a sanding block or fine-grit sandpaper for small furniture pieces. When working on a larger furniture piece, invest in a power sander. It saves energy, effort, and time while sanding down the wooden furniture piece.
  • Sand in the same direction as the grain.
  • Create a uniform smoothness across the entire piece.
  • Once done, wipe the wooden furniture piece to remove lingering wood or dust particles.
4. Seal the Surface
After sanding the furniture, apply a sealant to the entire piece. It keeps prevents the furniture piece from absorbing the excess stain. Sealing the surface of the wooden furniture piece enhances the final color and creates an even stain look.
  • Apply the sealant with a paintbrush.
  • Allow the furniture sealant applied to dry completely for the best results.
5. Apply the stain and finish
You can choose oil-based, gel, or water-based stains to stain or paint wooden furniture.
Once the stain is dry, apply a varnish to the furniture. Varnish adds a nice shine to the furniture piece.
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