Where Can I Get My Furniture Repaired in a Reasonable Price?

Have old, dull furniture in your home or office? Or, cabinetry that needs to be restored to its original state? No matter the reason, calling in a professional for highly effective furniture repair in Phoenix will be your best bet. Better Than New – the most trusted and reputable company for furniture repair – has been consistently catering to the diverse needs of its valued clients since 1998, with solid results.

At BTN Furniture Repair, we understand how important it is for you to have your furniture in immaculate condition. We can breathe life into any piece of furniture at an affordable price, making it as good as new. We pride ourselves on restoring and repairing furniture in the Phoenix area for more than two decades.

Restore Your Furniture and Fall in Love with it Yet Again

When you make an investment in your choice of furniture in your home, you want to make sure it pays you dividends now and in the future. At BTN Furniture Repair, we understand what it is like having that exquisite piece of furniture that adds a WOW factor to your home.

We value all our customers and go the extra mile to help them repair their valuable furniture pieces. Our price is competitive enough to beat what’s being offered by other furniture repair companies in the Phoenix area.

At Better Than New, we offer in-home or on-site furniture repair Phoenix as a reliable and convenient alternative to expensive furniture replacement. We follow a unique approach when you need expert and cost-effective repairs on your furniture pieces.

Here’s a full array of services we provide when it comes to repairing or restoring the furniture in your property – residential or commercial.

• Furniture Repair & Restore: We return the original look and add to the beauty of your furniture, which has been damaged or lost its functionality.

• Furniture Painting: Our experts take good care of your wood furniture when it comes to painting. Our process is comprised of meticulously sanding and fixing flaws, and then applying primer and paint.

• Dent/Gouge/Scratch Repair: We use special products and techniques so we can fill in dents, gouge, and scratches. This way, it helps restore your furniture in the newest condition possible.

For us, our customers are a top priority, which is why go the extra mile to provide them with the best furniture repair in Phoenix. Whether it is a farmhouse style dining table you bought not so long ago, or a traditional armoire that once belonged to your great-grandmother, we have what it takes to fix your favorite pieces and bring them back to life.

Our workmanship is unparalleled, so you can rest easy knowing that your precious furniture is in safe and reliable hands. We can repair and restore your favorite furniture at a bargain-basement price – right from everyday functional pieces of furniture to heirloom antiques and everything else in between.

Whenever you need furniture repair in Phoenix in a new-like condition, there is only one you can rely on – Better Than New.

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