Inject New Life to Your Furniture with Professional Furniture Restoration in Phoenix


Like everything the furniture in your home of office also ages as the year passes on! They become scratched, nicked, dented and they may undergo joint & structural stability. Replacing all of your old furniture may sound tempting, but it will cost you big. This is where our furniture restoration service in Phoenix comes to rescue.

If you chair, table, cabinets or any other furniture that are beginning to show the effect of their age and you’d want to see their old glory – feel free to call us. At Better Than New we provide a wide range of furniture services that can inject new life in your old and tired looking pieces. Whether you have a few wobbly chairs at your home or your granny’s cabinet looking a little lackluster, our professional furniture restoration in Phoenix can help.

Antique Furniture Restoration Service in Phoenix

Antique furniture holds a lot of values as most of them are family heirlooms that were passed from one generation to another. Don’t try to restore them at home as removing an old finish can ruin or significantly decrease the value of an antique pieces. Here at Better Than New we cover all aspects of furniture restoration, form a modern color change to complete restoration of an antique. Whether you want to change the color of your antique pieces to match the rest of the decor in your home or you just want to get back their original shine our furniture restoration service can help. Sometime your antique pieces just needs a professional clean & wax to get back their original beauty.

It has taken us years to sharpen our skills to help people with their furniture related issues. It is no magic; it is just pure hard work, dedication towards.

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