Glendale Furniture Refinishing Services

This is to be noted that this is the most trusted furniture repair, restoration, and refinishing service in Tempe, Arizona, USA. This furniture repair, restoration, and refinishing look no further than Better than New Business for several years.

About us:- 

We specialize in these areas from antiques to modern wood furnishings, everything. We offer our clients the best quality craftsmanship and minute attention to detail. We specialize in restoring your furniture to previous generations or giving it a new look, whether it’s a simple repair or a complete restoration job.

Our services:- 

Minor Repairs: –  Our services are unmatched, from damage done by scratches, dents, and more – we have all covered.

Refinishing:-  we give you the best, finest in refinishing services. A high gloss or just bringing back the natural beauty on your items, we can do it all.

Restoration:-  the before and after difference can be full of shock. We can take a look at your stuff and can do magic to surprise you to an extent.

Custom finishing:-  not liking the color of the furniture, we can give you something that you will completely love. 

Why choose us?

Because we use the highest quality craftsmanship. Our best ways to give attention to minute details. Specializing in restoring the furniture to its original state, we offer you the best service.

Moreover, customer reviews are the best to tell you why you will choose us?

We refer to furniture over time and are bound to take a thrashing. We take care of your furniture repair in Tempe, Arizona, USA so that you can continue to make full use of your vintage pieces. Sometimes the furniture is passed down from one generation to generation with deep emotional and traditional values or simply something that you’ve acquired but like to fix, preserve, we can do that to perfection.

Apart from repairing, we can do the refinishing furniture. We can give a one-stop solution for the refinishing of wood furniture, precious antiques, invaluable family heirloom, and traditional furnishings. We have trained and skilled professionals working with cutting-edge equipment, making sure your valuable furniture refinishing work proceeds quickly, responsibly, and completely.

Years tell the experience. Over 20 years, we have been offering the highest, best and finest standard of Furniture restoration in Tempe, Arizona USA. We do promise to bring a new character to any furniture from home to office with our extensive experience in the furniture restoration industry. When it comes to your home furnishing, nothing is more important than having it look pristine and as good as new.  Rather than going out & spending your hard-earned money on purchasing new furnishings with the cost rising daily and throwing away the old one, which has all your emotions, give us a chance, and we promise to inject new life into that old furniture. Our vast experiences of 20 years have given us skills, and knowledge that is simply unmatched in the industry.

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